Assure Holdings performs its first neuromonitoring case in Louisiana.

After honing its skills in Colorado, Assure is pursuing an expansion into other states with the ultimate goal of becoming a national provider of neuromonitoring services. This latest announcement of a new partnership with a group of neurosurgeons in Louisiana bodes well for the continued roll out of this growth strategy.

One of the new surgeons, Dr. John Steck, had this to say: “Neuromonitoring plays a vital role in making all of our surgical procedures safer. Naturally, we were interested in any platform that could deliver the most qualified technicians, while providing a turnkey back-office solution for our staff. In Assure, we have found that solution and look forward to this partnership as it allows us to place even more focus on the health and well-being of our patients.”

Now if only they can manage to pull off their expansion plans while at the same time staying profitable. That won’t necessarily be easy. I will be watching the next few quarterly reports closely.