Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages - Y . TSX

This is what I thought in October 2019 when I first bought the stock...

Yellow Pages has travelled a long, difficult road as it transformed itself from a heavily leveraged, legacy physical phone directory company into a smaller, more nimble and stream-lined digital media, marketing and e-commerce business. The ultimate success of this transformation is still up-in-the-air but recent signs are encouraging.

The company, under the direction of its new CEO, has jettisoned its non-core operations and used the funds from these sales to substantially pay down its debt. They have renegotiated their collective bargaining agreement and have been consciously focusing operations on their most profitable customers.

While a successful turnaround is far from assured, the current share price of $8.28 offers a potentially attractive entry point if they can indeed pull off a successful transformation. As a viable, profitable and growing online media and marketing company this stock would offer substantial opportunity for share price gains from the current level.

What's changed since I made my first purchase of this stock? Follow the ongoing story in the posts below...

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