The General Store

Part 2 in a series of tutorials on value investing: Putting theory into practice. How we might begin to value an old time general store.

Hitting The Books

Part 5 in a series of tutorials on value investing: A step by step guide to the process I use to evaluate a new stock.

When To Sell

Part 6 in a series of tutorials on value investing: knowing when to sell can be hard. It doesn’t have to be.

Other blog posts that might be of interest…

The Mispriced Markets Portfolio

A comprehensive look at the inner workings of the mispriced markets portfolio. What is it? Why am I publishing it? How often is it updated? How do I choose which stocks make it onto the list and how might you use it in your own investing?

Advice for First Time Investors

How much money do I need to start?  How much can I lose?  How do I make my first stock purchase? Which brokerage is best? Some basic advice for first time stock buyers.

It’s Okay Not To Play

Whether it be marijuana or bitcoin, you don’t need to be invested in the most talked-about sectors to still make very good long-term returns.

Focusing On Profits, Not Price

By focusing more on the profits that I expect my portfolio companies to generate and less on their stock prices, big stock market drops become much less intimidating.

The Case For Value

The way most investors approach the market is all wrong. They are stumbling around in the dark, trying to make sense of the markets without having the information they need to make good decisions. Value investing can help light the way.