You have to turn over a lot of rocks to find those rare hidden gems. Sometimes the best approach is to simply start at the 'A's.

Searching For The Next Undervalued Opportunity

There are a number of different ways to go about searching for your next great investment idea. I plan to explore some of these in future blog posts, but I’ll start with my favourite: the brute force method.

Nothing beats simply sitting down with a long list of stocks and going through them one by one, looking for that rare gem that has been overlooked and mispriced by the market. Not only can you stumble across opportunities that have slipped under the radar, you also get a very valuable perspective on the market. Researching individual stocks, in isolation, it is easy to get lost in the weeds. Going through a whole bunch of different stocks at one time gives you more of a bird’s eye view. By studying many different trees, you get a much clearer picture of what the forest looks like.

To apply this brute force method you need a list of stocks to start with. Screening tools can be one way to generate such a list and I’ll cover that in another blog post, but when the market you’re dealing with is reasonably small (Canada, the UK, Hong Kong), you can simply start with a list of all the stocks in the market and narrow down your search from there.

At the end of this blog post, you can find a complete list of the stocks on the Toronto stock exchanges, broken down by market cap and sector, that I use as the jumping off point for my own stock market investigations.

To get your own, up to date list of stocks, head on over to the website. Click on the “Investor Tools” menu item and select the “TSX Discovery Tool”.

TMX Money Discovery tool

You’ll be given a number of options to narrow your search, but just leave all the options at their defaults and hit "search" to get a full list of all the stocks listed on the Toronto and Toronto Venture stock exchanges. The resulting list can be downloaded in excel format and from there, you can sift and sort it at will.

In it’s unadulterated form, it’s an intimidating list! Currently, there are 3158 securities issued on these two exchanges. I’m keen, but even I’m not about to go through over 3000 different stocks one by one. Fortunately, I don’t have to.

Many of these issues are not actually stocks. The list includes closed-end mutual funds and exchange traded funds (labelled ETP). It also includes CPCs or Capital Pool Companies which are companies that have raised money but haven’t found something productive to do with it yet. It is easy enough to winnow all of these out by sorting the “sector” column of our excel spreadsheet. As well, we can eliminate the odd debenture and preferred share by looking for the .p or .db suffix at the end of the ticker symbol.

Doing this reduces the list to a somewhat better but still frightening 2424 common stocks.

The Canadian market is a resource powerhouse. It is the leading market in the world for companies engaged in the mining and oil and gas industries. Out of those 2424 common stocks, 59% of them are directly involved in these extractive industries. For the most part, I avoid investing in this sector. It is not that I think these are bad companies, it’s just that my method of evaluating a company based on its past earnings and future earnings potential simply doesn’t work well when analyzing mineral deposits and well-decline rates. The companies that service the exploration and production companies in these sectors, though, do lend themselves more easily to an operating earnings based approach and fortunately, these mining and energy services companies are tagged separately in the TMX database.

By screening out the companies in the mining and oil and gas sector (but leaving in the service companies) we can get our list of prospective stocks down to 999.

We’re getting there, but that’s still an awful lot of companies to weed through.

The next step is to narrow our focus down to a specific market cap segment. Here is how our list of 999 companies breaks down by market cap:

Category Market Cap Number of Stocks
Large Cap > $1 billion: 201
Small Cap $100 million to $1 billion: 265
Micro Cap $10 million to $100 million: 339
Nano Cap < $10 million: 194

For most small investors, the $10M to $100M segment will be the sweet spot. Here’s where you’re likely to find the best opportunities and the greatest mispricings. These “micro cap” stocks are too small for the big mutual funds and Wall Street professionals to invest in so you’re mostly dealing with other individual investors in this space and most of them won’t be paying their investments the same level of attention that you are.

There are also good opportunities to be had in the small cap segment and this is the area I would focus on next.

As your portfolio grows and matures, or if you’ve finished with the small and micro caps and are still on the hunt for more opportunities, then you can try to beat the big boys at their own game and tackle the large cap sector.

And for those very adventurous souls out there, the “nano cap” sector is a unique segment of the market that occasionally can bear fruit. This segment is a mix of previous failures and future dreamers. Very rarely, you might find the next Apple Computer being run out of someone’s garage.

Once you’ve decided on a market cap segment to focus on, the numbers become much more manageable. At any given point in time, you’ll find that up to half of the companies you come across are losing money. While there can be good turnaround opportunities amongst this group, for the most part, you can skim over these and focus your attention on the companies that are actually earning a profit. This means you’re really only dealing with a couple of hundred or fewer companies at a time. You can narrow down your search even further by zeroing in on the industries that appeal to you. The TMX database helpfully categorizes each stock into a sector and sometimes a sub-sector and you can use this information to look at, say, all the technology stocks or all the consumer discretionary stocks on the list.

My goal is to always own the cheapest stocks in the marketplace. Out of a list of 200 starting candidates, I’ll be very pleased if I come up with 2 that I think are worth buying. Once I’ve worked my way through one list, I can tackle another. And revisiting the same list 6 or 12 months down the road is likely to yield a different set of possibilities as new earnings reports come in and company share prices change.

(If you're looking for some guidance on how to analyze the individual companies in your list to see if they are undervalued investment bargains, you can check out the series of value investing tutorials I've posted here.)

As of today, here is the current list of all companies listed on the Toronto and Toronto Venture exchanges that are not in the mining or oil and gas industries. I’ve sorted them by market cap and industry sector. You can copy and paste this list into your own spreadsheet or download an excel version of the list by clicking on the button below. (The excel version also includes the mining and oil and gas sectors.)

Happy hunting!

The following tables were made using data downloaded from the TMX Money website. Their sector categorization is reasonably accurate, although as with trying to assign the proper genre to albums in a record store, some companies don't fit neatly into any specific sector category. Market Cap numbers are also reasonably reliable although sometimes, if the number of shares they've used is wrong, their  final market cap number will be off as well.

Large Cap - Market Cap > $1 Billion

Market Cap Name Ticker Sector
$1,228,254,325 AG Growth International Inc. AFN Agriculture
$4,078,622,167 Stantec Inc. STN Agriculture
$3,655,590,353 New Flyer Industries Inc. NFI Clean Technology - Energy Efficiency
$1,464,714,312 Cascades Inc. CAS Clean Technology - Low Impact Material and Products
$5,985,256,892 Algonquin Power & Utilities Corp. AQN Clean Technology - Renewable Energy Production and Distribution
$1,982,344,406 Boralex Inc. BLX Clean Technology - Renewable Energy Production and Distribution
$8,371,092,949 Brookfield Renewable Partners L.P. BEP.UN Clean Technology - Renewable Energy Production and Distribution
$1,707,203,303 Innergex Renewable Energy Inc. INE Clean Technology - Renewable Energy Production and Distribution
$4,485,805,231 Northland Power Inc. NPI Clean Technology - Renewable Energy Production and Distribution
$2,454,451,424 Pattern Energy Group Inc. PEGI Clean Technology - Renewable Energy Production and Distribution
$3,091,320,671 TransAlta Renewables Inc. RNW Clean Technology - Renewable Energy Production and Distribution
$55,212,788,416 BCE Inc. BCE Comm & Media
$2,097,772,613 Cineplex Inc. CGX Comm & Media
$2,579,954,225 Cogeco Communications Inc. CCA Comm & Media
$1,102,404,911 Cogeco Inc. CGO Comm & Media
$1,718,948,661 Corus Entertainment Inc. CJR.B Comm & Media
$5,714,163,276 Quebecor Inc. QBR.B Comm & Media
$30,911,950,322 Rogers Communications Inc. RCI.B Comm & Media
$13,058,966,147 Shaw Communications Inc. SJR.B Comm & Media
$27,534,679,891 TELUS Corporation T Comm & Media
$37,865,649,931 Thomson Reuters Corporation TRI Comm & Media
$1,928,874,753 Transcontinental Inc. TCL.A Comm & Media
$1,941,838,157 BRP Inc. DOO Consumer Discretionary
$1,630,699,374 Canada Goose Holdings Inc. GOOS Consumer Discretionary
$11,710,423,322 Canadian Tire Corporation Limited CTC.A Consumer Discretionary
$18,689,971,049 Dollarama Inc. DOL Consumer Discretionary
$1,120,818,699 Dorel Industries Inc. DII.B Consumer Discretionary
$2,108,392,536 EnerCare Inc. ECI Consumer Discretionary
$9,169,273,914 Gildan Activewear Inc. GIL Consumer Discretionary
$2,228,738,334 Great Canadian Gaming Corporation GC Consumer Discretionary
$1,950,016,496 Hudson's Bay Company HBC Consumer Discretionary
$1,414,364,333 Leon's Furniture Limited LNF Consumer Discretionary
$1,133,062,086 MTY Food Group Inc. MTY Consumer Discretionary
$18,121,731,067 Restaurant Brands International Inc. QSR Consumer Discretionary
$16,151,825,072 Restaurant Brands International Limited Partnership QSP.UN Consumer Discretionary
$1,210,911,772 Sleep Country Canada Holdings Inc. ZZZ Consumer Discretionary
$1,491,538,166 Spin Master Corp. TOY Consumer Discretionary
$1,149,424,948 Uni-Select Inc. UNS Consumer Discretionary
$36,319,940,833 Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc. ATD.B Consumer Staples
$2,859,855,368 Cott Corporation BCB Consumer Staples
$4,130,403,844 Empire Company Limited EMP.A Consumer Staples
$14,599,691,185 George Weston Limited WN Consumer Staples
$1,946,291,679 Jean Coutu Group (PJC) Inc. (The) PJC.A Consumer Staples
$26,001,014,132 Loblaw Companies Limited L Consumer Staples
$4,437,139,952 Maple Leaf Foods Inc. MFI Consumer Staples
$9,372,917,909 Metro Inc. MRU Consumer Staples
$1,905,527,574 Molson Coors Canada Inc. TPX.B Consumer Staples
$1,418,832,778 North West Company Inc. NWC Consumer Staples
$3,609,520,093 Premium Brands Holdings Corporation PBH Consumer Staples
$16,381,450,983 Saputo Inc. SAP Consumer Staples
$4,108,069,773 Domtar Corporation UFS Consumer Staples,Forest Products & Paper
$8,119,934,619 AltaGas Ltd. ALA Energy Services
$1,594,213,786 CES Energy Solutions Corp. CEU Energy Services
$1,295,346,023 Enerflex Ltd. EFX Energy Services
$1,156,069,174 Ensign Energy Services Inc. ESI Energy Services
$2,648,859,931 Gibson Energy Inc. GEI Energy Services
$1,558,960,913 Mullen Group Ltd. MTL Energy Services
$1,563,389,989 Pason Systems Inc. PSI Energy Services
$1,307,845,307 Precision Drilling Corporation PD Energy Services
$1,453,837,891 Secure Energy Services Inc. SES Energy Services
$1,941,550,778 ShawCor Ltd. SCL Energy Services
$1,303,246,668 Trican Well Service Ltd. TCW Energy Services
$69,288,070,449 Bank of Montreal BMO Financial Services
$101,095,887,772 Bank of Nova Scotia (The) BNS Financial Services
$55,291,072,593 Brookfield Asset Management Inc. BAM.A Financial Services
$56,141,552,696 Canadian Imperial Bank Of Commerce CM Financial Services
$3,702,005,757 Canadian Western Bank CWB Financial Services
$8,062,251,928 CI Financial Corp. CIX Financial Services
$1,610,755,017 ECN Capital Corp. ECN Financial Services
$3,506,087,394 E-L Financial Corporation Limited ELF Financial Services
$1,184,930,691 Equitable Group Inc. EQB Financial Services
$1,315,961,390 Exchange Income Corporation EIF Financial Services
$19,381,725,749 Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited FFH Financial Services
$2,167,811,906 Fairfax India Holdings Corporation FIH.U Financial Services
$1,771,470,424 First National Financial Corporation FN Financial Services
$3,841,391,770 Genworth MI Canada Inc. MIC Financial Services
$37,002,150,375 Great-West Lifeco Inc. GWO Financial Services
$1,372,212,568 Home Capital Group Inc. HCG Financial Services
$10,726,723,135 IGM Financial Inc. IGM Financial Services
$6,646,032,040 Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services Inc. IAG Financial Services
$15,104,328,375 Intact Financial Corporation IFC Financial Services
$1,696,000,000 Labrador Iron Ore Royalty Corporation LIF Financial Services
$2,466,581,321 Laurentian Bank Of Canada LB Financial Services
$55,287,141,997 Manulife Financial Corporation MFC Financial Services
$23,988,906,963 National Bank of Canada NA Financial Services
$9,353,144,514 ONEX Corporation ONEX Financial Services
$3,266,255,512 Partners Value Investments LP PVF.UN Financial Services
$15,617,378,005 Power Corporation Of Canada POW Financial Services
$26,947,258,923 Power Financial Corporation PWF Financial Services
$159,393,876,504 Royal Bank of Canada RY Financial Services
$34,659,063,561 Sun Life Financial Inc. SLF Financial Services
$4,285,039,654 TMX Group Limited X Financial Services
$142,691,216,235 Toronto-Dominion Bank (The) TD Financial Services
$1,714,486,507 Tricon Capital Group Inc. TCN Financial Services
$3,715,743,828 Canfor Corporation CFP Forest Products & Paper
$1,632,409,906 Interfor Corporation IFP Forest Products & Paper
$4,059,169,530 Norbord Inc. OSB Forest Products & Paper
$1,271,508,452 Resolute Forest Products Inc. RFP Forest Products & Paper
$3,591,227,100 Stella-Jones Inc. SJ Forest Products & Paper
$6,511,691,861 West Fraser Timber Co. Ltd. WFT Forest Products & Paper
$1,129,059,623 Western Forest Products Inc. WEF Forest Products & Paper
$2,897,050,000 Winpak Ltd. WPK Forest Products & Paper
$1,085,370,144 Knight Therapeutics Inc. GUD Life Sciences - Biotechnology
$1,236,432,295 ProMetic Life Sciences Inc. PLI Life Sciences - Biotechnology
$2,838,163,687 Aphria Inc. APH Life Sciences - Medical Marijuana,Cannabis
$5,296,977,305 Aurora Cannabis Inc. ACB Life Sciences - Medical Marijuana,Cannabis
$5,967,476,191 Canopy Growth Corporation WEED Life Sciences - Medical Marijuana,Cannabis
$1,353,078,612 Cronos Group Inc. MJN Life Sciences - Medical Marijuana,Cannabis
$1,985,995,782 MedReleaf Corp. LEAF Life Sciences - Medical Marijuana,Cannabis
$7,933,376,400 Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Inc. VRX Life Sciences - Pharmaceuticals
$2,551,529,807 Artis Real Estate Investment Trust AX.UN Real Estate - Diversified
$3,267,396,570 Canadian Real Estate Investment Trust REF.UN Real Estate - Diversified
$2,675,281,412 Cominar Real Estate Investment Trust CUF.UN Real Estate - Diversified
$1,266,507,629 Crombie Real Estate Investment Trust CRR.UN Real Estate - Diversified
$2,189,067,648 Dream Global Real Estate Investment Trust DRG.UN Real Estate - Diversified
$5,083,095,409 First Capital Realty Inc. FCR Real Estate - Diversified
$6,225,196,022 H&R Real Estate Investment Trust HR.UN Real Estate - Diversified
$2,181,247,034 Morguard Corporation MRC Real Estate - Diversified
$3,842,868,453 Allied Properties Real Estate Investment Trust AP.UN Real Estate - Industrial/Office/Retail/Residential
$2,053,750,294 Boardwalk Real Estate Investment Trust BEI.UN Real Estate - Industrial/Office/Retail/Residential
$6,843,909,913 Brookfield Property Partners L.P. BPY.UN Real Estate - Industrial/Office/Retail/Residential
$4,987,812,443 Canadian Apartment Properties Real Estate Investment Trust CAR.UN Real Estate - Industrial/Office/Retail/Residential
$1,218,368,468 Choice Properties Real Estate Investment Trust CHP.UN Real Estate - Industrial/Office/Retail/Residential
$1,255,437,336 CT Real Estate Investment Trust CRT.UN Real Estate - Industrial/Office/Retail/Residential
$1,691,656,248 Dream Office Real Estate Investment Trust D.UN Real Estate - Industrial/Office/Retail/Residential
$2,833,669,243 FirstService Corporation FSV Real Estate - Industrial/Office/Retail/Residential
$2,571,753,096 Gazit-Globe Ltd. GZT Real Estate - Industrial/Office/Retail/Residential
$1,294,979,092 Northview Apartment Real Estate Investment Trust NVU.UN Real Estate - Industrial/Office/Retail/Residential
$2,471,512,161 Pure Industrial Real Estate Trust AAR.UN Real Estate - Industrial/Office/Retail/Residential
$7,773,905,393 Riocan Real Estate Investment Trust REI.UN Real Estate - Industrial/Office/Retail/Residential
$4,049,279,280 SmartCentres Real Estate Investment Trust SRU.UN Real Estate - Industrial/Office/Retail/Residential
$3,174,932,730 Brookfield Business Partners L.P. BBU.UN Real Estate - Real Estate Operating Companies
$2,801,830,792 Colliers International Group Inc. CIGI Real Estate - Real Estate Operating Companies
$2,374,714,180 Granite Real Estate Investment Trust GRT.UN Real Estate - Real Estate Operating Companies
$1,090,853,878 Killam Apartment Real Estate Investment Trust KMP.UN Real Estate - Real Estate Operating Companies
$3,290,566,016 Chartwell Retirement Residences CSH.UN Real Estate - Specialized
$1,461,436,751 Northwest Healthcare Properties Real Estate Investment Trust NWH.UN Real Estate - Specialized
$9,263,488,816 BlackBerry Limited BB Technology - Communication Technology
$1,325,220,698 Evertz Technologies Limited ET Technology - Communication Technology
$1,331,783,794 Mitel Networks Corporation MNW Technology - Communication Technology
$1,012,685,974 Avigilon Corporation AVO Technology - Hardware & Equipment
$1,531,483,482 Celestica Inc. CLS Technology - Hardware & Equipment
$2,112,821,179 Kinaxis Inc. KXS Technology - Internet Software & Services
$13,673,096,532 Shopify Inc. SHOP Technology - Internet Software & Services
$17,948,915,354 CGI Group Inc. GIB.A Technology - IT Consulting & Services
$1,334,484,715 Altus Group Limited AIF Technology - Software
$6,071,079,111 CAE Inc. CAE Technology - Software
$17,188,341,698 Constellation Software Inc. CSU Technology - Software
$2,671,717,696 Descartes Systems Group Inc. (The) DSG Technology - Software
$1,753,318,555 Enghouse Systems Limited ENGH Technology - Software
$4,363,173,422 Maxar Technologies Ltd. MAXR Technology - Software
$11,188,146,692 Open Text Corporation OTEX Technology - Software
$4,623,371,063 The Stars Group Inc. TSGI Technology - Software
$1,356,158,993 Aecon Group Inc. ARE Uncategorised
$6,529,262,606 Air Canada AC Uncategorised
$1,561,902,235 ATS Automation Tooling Systems Inc. ATA Uncategorised
$8,145,594,424 Bombardier Inc. BBD.B Uncategorised
$2,083,495,259 Boyd Group Income Fund BYD.UN Uncategorised
$15,603,032,584 Brookfield Infrastructure Partners L.P. BIP.UN Uncategorised
$73,406,655,167 Canadian National Railway Company CNR Uncategorised
$33,014,521,768 Canadian Pacific Railway Limited CP Uncategorised
$10,417,877,743 CCL Industries Inc. CCL.B Uncategorised
$2,083,210,794 Chemtrade Logistics Income Fund CHE.UN Uncategorised
$1,396,411,410 Chorus Aviation Inc. CHR Uncategorised
$4,755,030,303 Element Fleet Management Corp. EFN Uncategorised
$5,699,189,132 Finning International Inc. FTT Uncategorised
$1,260,670,070 Intertape Polymer Group Inc. ITP Uncategorised
$4,746,900,336 Linamar Corporation LNR Uncategorised
$1,191,538,250 Magellan Aerospace Corporation MAL Uncategorised
$25,175,942,815 Magna International Inc. MG Uncategorised
$1,248,272,551 Martinrea International Inc. MRE Uncategorised
$6,503,922,521 Methanex Corporation MX Uncategorised
$1,326,874,449 Morneau Shepell Inc. MSI Uncategorised
$3,785,941,821 Parkland Fuel Corporation PKI Uncategorised
$1,834,457,353 Richelieu Hardware Ltd. RCH Uncategorised
$4,291,864,018 Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers Incorporated RBA Uncategorised
$1,934,687,558 Russel Metals Inc. RUS Uncategorised
$9,548,321,396 SNC-Lavalin Group Inc. SNC Uncategorised
$2,140,408,652 Stelco Holdings Inc. STLC Uncategorised
$2,834,130,098 TFI International Inc. TFII Uncategorised
$4,347,814,778 Toromont Industries Ltd. TIH Uncategorised
$23,307,468,683 Waste Connections, Inc. WCN Uncategorised
$2,806,841,598 WestJet Airlines Ltd. WJA Uncategorised
$1,785,497,806 Westshore Terminals Investment Corporation WTE Uncategorised
$6,144,244,860 WSP Global Inc. WSP Uncategorised
$5,100,331,331 Atco Ltd. ACO.X Utilities & Pipelines
$11,185,033,416 Canadian Utilities Limited CU Utilities & Pipelines
$3,193,564,649 Capital Power Corporation CPX Utilities & Pipelines
$11,051,080,924 Emera Incorporated EMA Utilities & Pipelines
$83,378,543,041 Enbridge Inc. ENB Utilities & Pipelines
$4,862,103,126 Enbridge Income Fund Holdings Inc. ENF Utilities & Pipelines
$19,824,455,969 Fortis Inc. FTS Utilities & Pipelines
$13,278,824,851 Hydro One Limited H Utilities & Pipelines
$8,954,842,288 Inter Pipeline Ltd. IPL Utilities & Pipelines
$1,122,095,093 Just Energy Group Inc. JE Utilities & Pipelines
$7,079,376,585 Keyera Corp. KEY Utilities & Pipelines
$2,298,625,011 Kinder Morgan Canada Limited KML Utilities & Pipelines
$23,719,346,195 Pembina Pipeline Corporation PPL Utilities & Pipelines
$1,709,828,555 Superior Plus Corp. SPB Utilities & Pipelines
$2,688,851,022 TransAlta Corporation TA Utilities & Pipelines
$53,701,731,196 TransCanada Corporation TRP Utilities & Pipelines

Small Cap - Market Cap $100 Million -  $1 Billion

Market Cap Name Ticker Sector
$108,250,000 Buhler Industries Inc. BUI Agriculture
$227,937,226 Cervus Equipment Corporation CERV Agriculture
$202,982,634 NAPEC Inc. NPC Agriculture
$258,203,347 Rocky Mountain Dealerships Inc. RME Agriculture
$811,965,762 Ballard Power Systems Inc. BLDP Clean Technology - Energy Efficiency
$166,952,628 Hydrogenics Corporation HYG Clean Technology - Energy Efficiency
$463,868,680 Westport Fuel Systems Inc. WPRT Clean Technology - Energy Efficiency
$450,100,274 Clearwater Seafoods Incorporated CLR Clean Technology - Low Impact Material and Products
$483,047,714 DIRTT Environmental Solutions Ltd. DRT Clean Technology - Low Impact Material and Products
$130,533,039 EcoSynthetix Inc. ECO Clean Technology - Low Impact Material and Products
$103,826,069 EnWave Corporation ENW Clean Technology - Low Impact Material and Products
$123,545,163 KP Tissue Inc. KPT Clean Technology - Low Impact Material and Products
$132,119,441 Nano One Materials Corp. NNO Clean Technology - Low Impact Material and Products
$102,815,230 Titanium Corporation Inc. TIC Clean Technology - Low Impact Material and Products
$789,555,103 SunOpta Inc. SOY Clean Technology - Low Impact Material and Products,Agriculture
$355,260,367 Village Farms International Inc. VFF Clean Technology - Low Impact Material and Products,Agriculture
$276,082,603 5N Plus Inc. VNP Clean Technology - Renewable Energy Equipment Manufacturing and Tech
$454,211,623 Alterra Power Corp. AXY Clean Technology - Renewable Energy Production and Distribution
$526,999,983 Atlantic Power Corporation ATP Clean Technology - Renewable Energy Production and Distribution
$302,120,822 Polaris Infrastructure Inc. PIF Clean Technology - Renewable Energy Production and Distribution
$104,014,815 Newalta Corporation NAL Clean Technology - Waste Reduction and Water Management
$496,372,164 Pure Technologies Ltd. PUR Clean Technology - Waste Reduction and Water Management
$781,972,418 DHX Media Ltd. DHX.A Comm & Media
$104,088,144 Kew Media Group Inc. KEW Comm & Media
$164,704,092 NeuLion Inc. NLN Comm & Media
$356,043,065 Newfoundland Capital Corporation Limited NCC.A Comm & Media
$108,757,551 Postmedia Network Canada Corp. PNC.B Comm & Media
$638,971,824 Shaw Communications Inc. SJR.B Comm & Media
$393,127,416 Stingray Digital Group Inc. RAY.B Comm & Media
$115,080,164 Torstar Corporation TS.B Comm & Media
$307,825,409 Trilogy International Partners Inc. TRL Comm & Media
$151,653,587 TVA Group Inc. TVA.B Comm & Media
$216,179,856 Yellow Pages Limited Y Comm & Media
$383,518,321 A&W Revenue Royalties Income Fund AW.UN Consumer Discretionary
$747,823,015 Aimia Inc. AIM Consumer Discretionary
$236,632,074 AirBoss of America Corp. BOS Consumer Discretionary
$741,302,422 Aritzia Inc. ATZ Consumer Discretionary
$631,572,709 AutoCanada Inc. ACQ Consumer Discretionary
$596,760,232 BMTC Group Inc. GBT Consumer Discretionary
$458,294,159 Boston Pizza Royalties Income Fund BPF.UN Consumer Discretionary
$651,317,766 Cara Operations Limited CARA Consumer Discretionary
$181,678,694 Freshii Inc. FRII Consumer Discretionary
$249,763,940 Gamehost Inc. GH Consumer Discretionary
$247,603,831 Imvescor Restaurant Group Inc. IRG Consumer Discretionary
$480,057,804 Indigo Books & Music Inc. IDG Consumer Discretionary
$784,994,496 Jamieson Wellness Inc. JWEL Consumer Discretionary
$208,109,655 Keg Royalties Income Fund (The) KEG.UN Consumer Discretionary
$530,948,211 New Look Vision Group Inc. BCI Consumer Discretionary
$354,662,977 Park Lawn Corporation PLC Consumer Discretionary
$356,228,132 Pizza Pizza Royalty Corp. PZA Consumer Discretionary
$462,623,055 Pollard Banknote Limited PBL Consumer Discretionary
$272,721,262 Reitmans (Canada) Limited RET.A Consumer Discretionary
$491,171,850 Roots Corporation ROOT Consumer Discretionary
$119,770,608 SIR Royalty Income Fund SRV.UN Consumer Discretionary
$405,265,138 Transat A.T. Inc. TRZ Consumer Discretionary
$330,881,034 TWC Enterprises Limited TWC Consumer Discretionary
$126,688,392 Supremex Inc. SXP Consumer Discretionary,Forest Products & Paper
$679,961,267 Andrew Peller Limited/Andrew Peller Limitee ADW.A Consumer Staples
$137,520,470 Brick Brewing Co. Limited BRB Consumer Staples
$114,500,111 Colabor Group Inc. GCL Consumer Staples
$629,247,270 Corby Spirit and Wine Limited CSW.B Consumer Staples
$144,694,111 Goodfood Market Corp. FOOD Consumer Staples
$460,975,245 High Liner Foods Incorporated HLF Consumer Staples
$818,530,900 Lassonde Industries Inc. LAS.A Consumer Staples
$424,685,556 Liquor Stores N.A. Ltd. LIQ Consumer Staples
$781,159,888 Rogers Sugar Inc. RSI Consumer Staples
$695,574,141 AGT Food and Ingredients Inc. AGT Consumer Staples,Agriculture
$131,836,506 Feronia Inc. FRN Consumer Staples,Agriculture
$122,616,617 Input Capital Corp. INP Consumer Staples,Agriculture
$139,756,924 Akita Drilling Ltd. AKT.A Energy Services
$937,905,216 Badger Daylighting Ltd. BAD Energy Services
$993,352,170 Calfrac Well Services Ltd. CFW Energy Services
$103,555,473 Essential Energy Services Ltd. ESN Energy Services
$211,270,114 High Arctic Energy Services Inc. HWO Energy Services
$239,812,845 Horizon North Logistics Inc. HNL Energy Services
$207,153,243 North American Energy Partners Inc. NOA Energy Services
$140,154,929 PHX Energy Services Corp. PHX Energy Services
$172,526,419 Pulse Seismic Inc. PSD Energy Services
$499,799,901 Source Energy Services Ltd. SHLE Energy Services
$647,726,586 STEP Energy Services Ltd. STEP Energy Services
$195,293,808 TerraVest Capital Inc. TVK Energy Services
$480,264,660 Tidewater Midstream and Infrastructure Ltd. TWM Energy Services
$633,465,450 Total Energy Services Inc. TOT Energy Services
$481,285,994 Trinidad Drilling Ltd. TDG Energy Services
$117,984,765 Western Energy Services Corp. WRG Energy Services
$167,211,854 Xtreme Drilling Corp. XDC Energy Services
$349,151,892 ZCL Composites Inc. ZCL Energy Services
$234,773,703 Aberdeen Asia-Pacific Income Investment Company Ltd. FAP Financial Services
$538,877,128 Acasta Enterprises Inc. AEF Financial Services
$603,399,730 AGF Management Limited AGF.B Financial Services
$693,508,505 Alaris Royalty Corp. AD Financial Services
$541,061,131 Atrium Mortgage Investment Corporation AI Financial Services
$511,860,505 Callidus Capital Corporation CBL Financial Services
$878,710,313 Canaccord Genuity Group Inc. CF Financial Services
$574,507,104 Canadian General Investments Limited CGI Financial Services
$190,616,721 Chesswood Group Limited CHW Financial Services
$669,396,244 Clairvest Group Inc. CVG Financial Services
$149,092,043 Currency Exchange International Corp. CXI Financial Services
$794,191,178 Cymbria Corporation CYB Financial Services
$297,287,192 Dundee Corporation DC.A Financial Services
$145,784,592 Echelon Financial Holdings Inc. EFH Financial Services
$288,682,646 Fairfax Africa Holdings Corporation FAH.U Financial Services
$998,270,651 Fiera Capital Corporation FSZ Financial Services
$498,747,264 Firm Capital Mortgage Investment Corporation FC Financial Services
$494,441,882 Gluskin Sheff + Associates Inc. GS Financial Services
$381,156,211 GMP Capital Inc. GMP Financial Services
$571,108,926 goeasy Ltd. GSY Financial Services
$354,827,319 GoldMoney Inc. XAU Financial Services
$775,253,634 Guardian Capital Group Limited GCG.A Financial Services
$165,625,985 Kingsway Financial Services Inc. KFS Financial Services
$138,582,482 LGC Capital Ltd. LG Financial Services
$419,397,463 MCAN Mortgage Corporation MKP Financial Services
$677,396,759 Senvest Capital Inc. SEC Financial Services
$702,072,657 Sprott Inc. SII Financial Services
$102,252,127 Sprott Resource Holdings Inc. SRHI Financial Services
$123,406,024 Street Capital Group Inc. SCB Financial Services
$446,742,560 The Westaim Corporation WED Financial Services
$859,689,467 Timbercreek Financial Corp. TF Financial Services
$166,336,602 Trisura Group Ltd. TSU Financial Services
$516,549,981 Uranium Participation Corporation U Financial Services
$168,300,000 Urbana Corporation URB Financial Services
$183,792,926 VersaBank VB Financial Services
$762,051,356 Cannabis Wheaton Income Corp. CBW Financial Services - Cannabis
$317,725,792 Acadian Timber Corp. ADN Forest Products & Paper
$948,210,858 Canfor Pulp Products Inc. CFX Forest Products & Paper
$163,914,689 Conifex Timber Inc. CFF Forest Products & Paper
$936,248,947 Mercer International Inc. MERC.U Forest Products & Paper
$100,323,506 Aptose Biosciences Inc. APS Life Sciences - Biotechnology
$548,017,462 Aurinia Pharmaceuticals Inc. AUP Life Sciences - Biotechnology
$187,245,313 CohBar Inc. COB.U Life Sciences - Biotechnology
$124,667,636 Covalon Technologies Ltd. COV Life Sciences - Biotechnology
$200,683,966 Fennec Pharmaceuticals Inc. FRX Life Sciences - Biotechnology
$115,331,437 Medicure Inc. MPH Life Sciences - Biotechnology
$104,936,234 Oncolytics Biotech Inc. ONC Life Sciences - Biotechnology
$138,636,876 ProMIS Neurosciences Inc. PMN Life Sciences - Biotechnology
$336,078,252 Resverlogix Corp. RVX Life Sciences - Biotechnology
$596,067,548 Theratechnologies Inc. TH Life Sciences - Biotechnology
$132,394,358 Trillium Therapeutics Inc. TRIL Life Sciences - Biotechnology
$407,612,976 Zymeworks Inc. ZYME Life Sciences - Biotechnology
$256,076,111 Helius Medical Technologies, Inc. HSM Life Sciences - Health Care Technology
$161,755,716 Titan Medical Inc. TMD Life Sciences - Health Care Technology
$105,004,464 Centric Health Corporation CHH Life Sciences - Healthcare Facilities and Equipment
$146,709,800 TSO3 Inc. TOS Life Sciences - Healthcare Facilities and Equipment
$200,523,660 Akumin Inc. AKU.U Life Sciences - Healthcare Services and Supplies
$269,438,590 CRH Medical Corporation CRH Life Sciences - Healthcare Services and Supplies
$360,219,466 ABcann Global Corporation ABCN Life Sciences - Medical Marijuana,Cannabis
$861,277,773 CanniMed Therapeutics Inc. CMED Life Sciences - Medical Marijuana,Cannabis
$149,859,085 Emblem Corp. EMC Life Sciences - Medical Marijuana,Cannabis
$843,861,052 Emerald Health Therapeutics, Inc. EMH Life Sciences - Medical Marijuana,Cannabis
$104,219,082 Harvest One Cannabis Inc. HVST Life Sciences - Medical Marijuana,Cannabis
$597,787,188 Hydropothecary Corporation (The) THCX Life Sciences - Medical Marijuana,Cannabis
$190,565,926 ICC Labs, Inc. ICC Life Sciences - Medical Marijuana,Cannabis
$167,176,323 Invictus MD Strategies Corp. IMH Life Sciences - Medical Marijuana,Cannabis
$177,835,924 Maple Leaf Green World Inc. MGW Life Sciences - Medical Marijuana,Cannabis
$491,355,076 Newstrike Resources Ltd. HIP Life Sciences - Medical Marijuana,Cannabis
$348,531,400 Nuuvera Inc. NUU Life Sciences - Medical Marijuana,Cannabis
$601,307,817 OrganiGram Holdings Inc. OGI Life Sciences - Medical Marijuana,Cannabis
$110,203,405 Scythian Biosciences Corp. SCYB Life Sciences - Medical Marijuana,Cannabis
$168,101,337 Tetra Bio-Pharma Inc. TBP Life Sciences - Medical Marijuana,Cannabis
$602,472,951 The Supreme Cannabis Company, Inc. FIRE Life Sciences - Medical Marijuana,Cannabis
$194,630,306 WeedMD Inc. WMD Life Sciences - Medical Marijuana,Cannabis
$141,840,890 Aralez Pharmaceuticals Inc. ARZ Life Sciences - Pharmaceuticals
$139,153,872 BioSyent Inc. RX Life Sciences - Pharmaceuticals
$105,815,611 Cipher Pharmaceuticals Inc. CPH Life Sciences - Pharmaceuticals
$264,498,726 Immunovaccine Inc. IMV Life Sciences - Pharmaceuticals
$326,323,518 Neptune Technologies & Bioressources Inc. NEPT Life Sciences - Pharmaceuticals
$312,063,663 VBI Vaccines Inc. VBV Life Sciences - Pharmaceuticals
$515,525,897 Major Drilling Group International Inc. MDI Mining Services
$848,834,125 Wall Financial Corporation WFC Real Estate - Diversified
$402,576,993 Agellan Commercial Real Estate Investment Trust ACR.UN Real Estate - Industrial/Office/Retail/Residential
$762,768,050 American Hotel Income Properties REIT LP HOT.UN Real Estate - Industrial/Office/Retail/Residential
$171,727,440 Automotive Properties Real Estate Investment Trust APR.UN Real Estate - Industrial/Office/Retail/Residential
$273,828,074 BTB Real Estate Investment Trust BTB.UN Real Estate - Industrial/Office/Retail/Residential
$467,202,951 Dream Hard Asset Alternatives Trust DRA.UN Real Estate - Industrial/Office/Retail/Residential
$781,067,936 Dream Industrial Real Estate Investment Trust DIR.UN Real Estate - Industrial/Office/Retail/Residential
$858,040,841 DREAM Unlimited Corp. DRM Real Estate - Industrial/Office/Retail/Residential
$217,017,709 Inovalis Real Estate Investment Trust INO.UN Real Estate - Industrial/Office/Retail/Residential
$786,361,485 InterRent Real Estate Investment Trust IIP.UN Real Estate - Industrial/Office/Retail/Residential
$166,979,165 Melcor Real Estate Investment Trust MR.UN Real Estate - Industrial/Office/Retail/Residential
$560,756,509 Morguard North American Residential Real Estate Investment Trust MRG.UN Real Estate - Industrial/Office/Retail/Residential
$997,641,011 Morguard Real Estate Investment Trust MRT.UN Real Estate - Industrial/Office/Retail/Residential
$183,024,464 Nexus Real Estate Investment Trust NXR.UN Real Estate - Industrial/Office/Retail/Residential
$137,495,937 Partners Real Estate Investment Trust PAR.UN Real Estate - Industrial/Office/Retail/Residential
$466,890,210 Plaza Retail REIT PLZ.UN Real Estate - Industrial/Office/Retail/Residential
$121,767,045 PRO Real Estate Investment Trust PRV.UN Real Estate - Industrial/Office/Retail/Residential
$592,977,249 Slate Office REIT SOT.UN Real Estate - Industrial/Office/Retail/Residential
$531,344,236 Slate Retail REIT SRT.UN Real Estate - Industrial/Office/Retail/Residential
$142,328,288 Starlight U.S. Multi-Family (No. 5) Core Fund STUS.A Real Estate - Industrial/Office/Retail/Residential
$541,085,250 Summit Industrial Income REIT SMU.UN Real Estate - Industrial/Office/Retail/Residential
$160,980,866 Temple Hotels Inc. TPH Real Estate - Industrial/Office/Retail/Residential
$277,453,572 True North Commercial Real Estate Investment Trust TNT.UN Real Estate - Industrial/Office/Retail/Residential
$586,667,817 WPT Industrial Real Estate Investment Trust WIR.U Real Estate - Industrial/Office/Retail/Residential
$161,035,773 Brookfield Real Estate Services Inc. BRE Real Estate - Real Estate Development and Services
$158,737,486 Genesis Land Development Corp. GDC Real Estate - Real Estate Development and Services
$510,858,600 Melcor Developments Ltd. MRD Real Estate - Real Estate Development and Services
$192,214,519 Madison Pacific Properties Inc. MPC Real Estate - Real Estate Operating Companies
$387,738,190 Mainstreet Equity Corp. MEQ Real Estate - Real Estate Operating Companies
$836,091,574 StorageVault Canada Inc. SVI Real Estate - Real Estate Operating Companies
$900,067,856 Extendicare Inc. EXE Real Estate - Specialized
$196,329,458 Holloway Lodging Corporation HLC Real Estate - Specialized
$340,970,099 Invesque Inc. HLP.U Real Estate - Specialized
$518,727,744 Medical Facilities Corporation DR Real Estate - Specialized
$498,743,512 Pure Multi-Family REIT LP RUF.UN Real Estate - Specialized
$986,794,299 Sienna Senior Living Inc. SIA Real Estate - Specialized
$159,685,160 BTL Group Ltd. BTL Technology - Blockchain/Cryptocurrency
$492,477,838 HIVE Blockchain Technologies Ltd. HIVE Technology - Blockchain/Cryptocurrency
$130,791,034 EXFO Inc. EXF Technology - Communication Technology
$265,794,478 Quarterhill Inc. QTRH Technology - Communication Technology
$852,428,093 Sierra Wireless Inc. SW Technology - Communication Technology
$123,691,252 UrtheCast Corp. UR Technology - Communication Technology
$213,507,893 Vecima Networks Inc. VCM Technology - Communication Technology
$124,013,465 Baylin Technologies Inc. BYL Technology - Hardware & Equipment
$160,614,860 Blackline Safety Corp. BLN Technology - Hardware & Equipment
$278,786,697 Drone Delivery Canada Corp. FLT Technology - Hardware & Equipment
$160,503,423 NexOptic Technology Corp. NXO Technology - Hardware & Equipment
$102,664,890 Opsens Inc. OPS Technology - Hardware & Equipment
$167,896,724 Patriot One Technologies Inc. PAT Technology - Hardware & Equipment
$219,485,412 Photon Control Inc. PHO Technology - Hardware & Equipment
$308,350,000 Information Services Corporation ISV Technology - Internet Software & Services
$157,100,082 Mediagrif Interactive Technologies Inc. MDF Technology - Internet Software & Services
$211,141,025 Points International Ltd. PTS Technology - Internet Software & Services
$849,776,954 Real Matters Inc. REAL Technology - Internet Software & Services
$273,760,140 The Intertain Group Limited ITX Technology - Internet Software & Services
$706,473,923 Tucows Inc. TC Technology - Internet Software & Services
$239,749,105 Calian Group Ltd. CGY Technology - IT Consulting & Services
$285,611,964 Absolute Software Corporation ABT Technology - Software
$137,834,095 Axion Ventures Inc. AXV Technology - Software
$111,082,010 BSM Technologies Inc. GPS Technology - Software
$800,542,486 Computer Modelling Group Ltd. CMG Technology - Software
$136,746,299 Mogo Finance Technology Inc. MOGO Technology - Software
$285,201,065 Redknee Solutions Inc. RKN Technology - Software
$630,728,563 Solium Capital Inc. SUM Technology - Software
$223,333,660 Sylogist Ltd. SYZ Technology - Software
$222,531,216 TECSYS Inc. TCS Technology - Software
$683,029,313 Algoma Central Corporation ALC Uncategorised
$392,840,000 Alignvest Acquisition II Corporation AQY.A Uncategorised
$397,107,407 Bird Construction Inc. BDT Uncategorised
$146,830,977 Black Diamond Group Limited BDI Uncategorised
$520,319,689 CanWel Building Materials Group Ltd. CWX Uncategorised
$971,476,602 Cargojet Inc. CJT Uncategorised
$133,741,080 Clarke Inc. CKI Uncategorised
$413,662,870 Diversified Royalty Corp. DIV Uncategorised
$409,593,198 Exco Technologies Limited XTC Uncategorised
$225,949,347 GDI Integrated Facility Services Inc. GDI Uncategorised
$103,393,740 Grande West Transportation Group Inc. BUS Uncategorised
$414,048,291 Hardwoods Distribution Inc. HWD Uncategorised
$510,044,714 Heroux-Devtek Inc. HRX Uncategorised
$328,820,119 IBI Group Inc. IBG Uncategorised
$420,340,080 K-Bro Linen Inc. KBL Uncategorised
$554,905,644 Logistec Corporation LGT.B Uncategorised
$678,666,809 Neo Performance Materials Inc. NEO Uncategorised
$395,286,142 People Corporation PEO Uncategorised
$345,889,475 Radient Technologies Inc. RTI Uncategorised
$351,093,154 Richards Packaging Income Fund RPI.UN Uncategorised
$726,007,885 Savaria Corporation SIS Uncategorised
$252,589,416 Stuart Olson Inc. SOX Uncategorised
$861,680,820 Student Transportation Inc. STB Uncategorised
$176,402,895 Taiga Building Products Ltd. TBL Uncategorised
$110,510,466 Velan Inc. VLN Uncategorised
$445,196,186 Wajax Corporation WJX Uncategorised
$446,751,921 Caribbean Utilities Company, Ltd. CUP.U Utilities & Pipelines
$522,180,304 Crius Energy Trust KWH.UN Utilities & Pipelines
$215,943,926 Global Water Resources, Inc. GWR Utilities & Pipelines
$142,568,183 Maxim Power Corp. MXG Utilities & Pipelines
$971,235,755 Valener Inc. VNR Utilities & Pipelines

Micro Cap - Market Cap $10 Million -  $100 Million

Market Cap Name Ticker Sector
$49,863,637 Imaflex Inc. IFX Agriculture
$94,554,497 dynaCERT Inc. DYA Clean Technology - Energy Efficiency
$34,166,419 EEStor Corporation ESU Clean Technology - Energy Efficiency
$36,821,238 Electrovaya Inc. EFL Clean Technology - Energy Efficiency
$82,933,547 Legend Power Systems Inc. LPS Clean Technology - Energy Efficiency
$62,861,788 PFB Corporation PFB Clean Technology - Energy Efficiency
$31,943,795 Pioneering Technology Corp. PTE Clean Technology - Energy Efficiency
$13,714,636 SmartCool Systems Inc. SSC Clean Technology - Energy Efficiency
$14,318,005 Thermal Energy International Inc. TMG Clean Technology - Energy Efficiency
$23,377,402 Xebec Adsorption Inc. XBC Clean Technology - Energy Efficiency
$13,666,445 Bee Vectoring Technologies International Inc. BEE Clean Technology - Low Impact Material and Products
$26,527,025 BioAmber Inc. BIOA Clean Technology - Low Impact Material and Products
$12,385,931 CO2 Solutions Inc. CST Clean Technology - Low Impact Material and Products
$10,474,621 good natured Products Inc. GDNP Clean Technology - Low Impact Material and Products
$89,477,916 NanoXplore Inc. GRA Clean Technology - Low Impact Material and Products
$24,506,301 Vitreous Glass Inc. VCI Clean Technology - Low Impact Material and Products
$54,927,459 Bevo Agro Inc. BVO Clean Technology - Low Impact Material and Products,Agriculture
$21,183,218 Burcon NutraScience Corporation BU Clean Technology - Low Impact Material and Products,Agriculture
$30,808,950 Clean Seed Capital Group Ltd. CSX Clean Technology - Low Impact Material and Products,Agriculture
$84,399,010 Questor Technology Inc. QST Clean Technology - Low Impact Material and Products,Energy Services
$14,369,174 Aurora Solar Technologies Inc. ACU Clean Technology - Renewable Energy Equipment Manufacturing and Tech
$83,257,724 Carmanah Technologies Corporation CMH Clean Technology - Renewable Energy Equipment Manufacturing and Tech
$74,011,047 Eguana Technologies Inc. EGT Clean Technology - Renewable Energy Equipment Manufacturing and Tech
$12,127,787 Enerdynamic Hybrid Technologies Corp. EHT Clean Technology - Renewable Energy Equipment Manufacturing and Tech
$43,633,181 Greenpower Motor Company Inc. GPV Clean Technology - Renewable Energy Equipment Manufacturing and Tech
$14,832,641 Peat Resources Limited PET Clean Technology - Renewable Energy Equipment Manufacturing and Tech
$94,959,931 Blockchain Power Trust BPWR.UN Clean Technology - Renewable Energy Production and Distribution
$80,182,638 Etrion Corporation ETX Clean Technology - Renewable Energy Production and Distribution
$16,990,212 Greenbriar Capital Corp. GRB Clean Technology - Renewable Energy Production and Distribution
$17,718,207 Synex International Inc. SXI Clean Technology - Renewable Energy Production and Distribution
$12,705,152 UGE International Ltd. UGE Clean Technology - Renewable Energy Production and Distribution
$17,011,086 Biorem Inc. BRM Clean Technology - Waste Reduction and Water Management
$10,712,912 Clearford Water Systems Inc. CLI Clean Technology - Waste Reduction and Water Management
$25,092,825 Current Water Technologies Inc. WATR Clean Technology - Waste Reduction and Water Management
$12,846,957 Earthworks Industries Inc. EWK Clean Technology - Waste Reduction and Water Management
$10,606,306 Environmental Waste International Inc. EWS Clean Technology - Waste Reduction and Water Management
$48,173,057 H2O Innovation Inc. HEO Clean Technology - Waste Reduction and Water Management
$51,700,497 PyroGenesis Canada Inc. PYR Clean Technology - Waste Reduction and Water Management
$30,693,809 Wavefront Technology Solutions Inc. WEE Clean Technology - Waste Reduction and Water Management
$12,201,457 Asian Television Network International Ltd. SAT Comm & Media
$79,186,792 Glacier Media Inc. GVC Comm & Media
$26,857,568 GVIC Communications Corp. GCT Comm & Media
$12,351,413 Network Media Group Inc. NTE Comm & Media
$27,507,937 QYOU Media Inc. QYOU Comm & Media
$14,506,594 Tellza Inc. TEL Comm & Media
$88,920,179 TeraGo Inc. TGO Comm & Media
$41,419,040 theScore Inc. SCR Comm & Media
$14,192,582 Uniserve Communications Corporation USS Comm & Media
$33,603,605 Wow Unlimited Media Inc. WOW.B Comm & Media
$16,053,318 ZoomerMedia Limited ZUM Comm & Media
$63,505,904 CIBT Education Group Inc. MBA Consumer Discretionary
$40,753,053 CPI Card Group Inc. PMTS Consumer Discretionary
$21,660,362 Cuba Ventures Corp. CUV Consumer Discretionary
$22,449,036 Evergreen Gaming Corporation TNA Consumer Discretionary
$84,761,640 iFabric Corp. IFA Consumer Discretionary
$11,687,305 Iplayco Corporation Ltd. IPC Consumer Discretionary
$64,214,556 LXRandCo, Inc. LXR Consumer Discretionary
$92,013,199 RYU Apparel Inc. RYU Consumer Discretionary
$51,124,419 Second Cup Ltd. (The) SCU Consumer Discretionary
$32,064,042 Sportscene Group Inc. SPS.A Consumer Discretionary
$22,041,604 Spot Coffee (Canada) Ltd. SPP Consumer Discretionary
$43,347,522 Unisync Corp. UNI Consumer Discretionary
$16,165,092 Wellness Lifestyles Inc. WELL Consumer Discretionary
$38,393,325 XPEL Technologies Corp. DAP.U Consumer Discretionary
$45,380,582 Big Rock Brewery Inc. BR Consumer Staples
$39,304,675 Diamond Estates Wines & Spirits Inc. DWS Consumer Staples
$99,107,774 GreenSpace Brands Inc. JTR Consumer Staples
$62,187,371 Ten Peaks Coffee Company Inc. TPK Consumer Staples
$11,535,755 Imperial Ginseng Products Ltd. IGP Consumer Staples,Agriculture
$10,735,058 Organto Foods Inc. OGO Consumer Staples,Agriculture
$75,241,795 Hempco Food and Fiber Inc. HEMP Consumer Staples,Cannabis
$28,422,453 Naturally Splendid Enterprises Ltd. NSP Consumer Staples,Cannabis
$31,549,036 Aveda Transportation and Energy Services Inc. AVE Energy Services
$15,426,438 Bri-Chem Corp. BRY Energy Services
$77,532,803 Cathedral Energy Services Ltd. CET Energy Services
$99,062,002 CWC Energy Services Corp. CWC Energy Services
$11,434,728 Divergent Energy Services Corp. DVG Energy Services
$23,827,536 Enterprise Group, Inc. E Energy Services
$32,382,647 Foraco International SA FAR Energy Services
$13,930,723 Hyduke Energy Services Inc. HYD Energy Services
$29,763,655 MATRRIX Energy Technologies Inc. MXX Energy Services
$39,588,462 McCoy Global Inc. MCB Energy Services
$85,920,216 Petroteq Energy Inc. PQE Energy Services
$37,474,207 Raise Production Inc. RPC Energy Services
$26,317,583 Seaway Energy Services Inc. SEW Energy Services
$96,448,080 Strad Energy Services Ltd. SDY Energy Services
$15,694,873 Titan Logix Corp. TLA Energy Services
$19,749,325 Vertex Resource Group Ltd. VTX Energy Services
$10,026,376 Zedcor Energy Inc. ZDC Energy Services
$17,289,411 Aberdeen International Inc. AAB Financial Services
$75,683,265 Accord Financial Corp. ACD Financial Services
$37,537,640 Automotive Finco Corp. AFCC Financial Services
$35,824,474 Axis Auto Finance Inc. AXIS Financial Services
$54,417,050 Block One Capital Inc. BLOK Financial Services
$16,780,246 Builders Capital Mortgage Corp. BCF Financial Services
$44,506,663 Canadian World Fund Limited CWF Financial Services
$16,150,286 Crosswinds Holdings Inc. CWI Financial Services
$94,195,722 Crown Capital Partners Inc. CRWN Financial Services
$19,683,504 Decisive Dividend Corporation DE Financial Services
$46,908,426 Difference Capital Financial Inc. DCF Financial Services
$32,213,232 Eclipse Residential Mortgage Investment Corporation ERM Financial Services
$10,847,464 Findev Inc. FDI Financial Services
$83,288,713 Founders Advantage Capital Corp. FCF Financial Services
$22,717,716 Fountain Asset Corp. FA Financial Services
$10,956,554 Grenville Strategic Royalty Corp. GRC Financial Services
$40,251,314 Integrated Asset Management Corp. IAM Financial Services
$11,369,142 IOU Financial Inc. IOU Financial Services
$15,267,688 Itasca Capital Ltd. ICL Financial Services
$11,295,820 Lions Bay Capital Inc. LBI Financial Services
$31,481,971 LOGiQ Asset Management Inc. LGQ Financial Services
$11,689,800 Maple Peak Investments Inc. MAP Financial Services
$18,685,196 Midpoint Holdings Ltd. MPT Financial Services
$74,650,089 Mosaic Capital Corporation M Financial Services
$17,580,996 NexgenRX Inc. NXG Financial Services
$58,378,680 Northfield Capital Corporation NFD.A Financial Services
$77,701,106 Olympia Financial Group Inc. OLY Financial Services
$18,264,748 Pender Growth Fund Inc. PTF Financial Services
$26,502,430 Pinetree Capital Ltd. PNP Financial Services
$13,430,879 Planet Ventures Inc. PXI Financial Services
$13,132,006 Prosmart Enterprises Inc. PROS Financial Services
$45,005,475 Quantum International Income Corp. QIC Financial Services
$28,146,014 Resinco Capital Partners Inc. RIN Financial Services
$26,996,854 RIFCO Inc. RFC Financial Services
$15,230,566 Routemaster Capital Inc. RM Financial Services
$23,981,425 Sparta Capital Ltd. SAY Financial Services
$10,155,993 Strategem Capital Corporation SGE Financial Services
$37,721,670 Sunwah International Limited SWH Financial Services
$43,801,833 Target Capital Inc. TCI Financial Services
$14,285,295 Till Capital Ltd. TIL Financial Services
$47,244,276 Trez Capital Mortgage Investment Corporation TZZ Financial Services
$19,173,336 Trez Capital Senior Mortgage Investment Corporation TZS Financial Services
$34,070,828 Wilmington Capital Management Inc. WCM.A Financial Services
$47,878,700 Fortress Paper Ltd. FTP Forest Products & Paper
$69,668,677 Goodfellow Inc. GDL Forest Products & Paper
$15,378,206 Advanced Proteome Therapeutics Corporation APC Life Sciences - Biotechnology
$16,053,664 Aequus Pharmaceuticals Inc. AQS Life Sciences - Biotechnology
$43,568,014 AEterna Zentaris Inc. AEZS Life Sciences - Biotechnology
$47,201,544 BELLUS Health Inc. BLU Life Sciences - Biotechnology
$36,184,366 biOasis Technologies Inc. BTI Life Sciences - Biotechnology
$17,365,134 BioNeutra Global Corporation BGA Life Sciences - Biotechnology
$10,455,681 Briacell Therapeutics Corp. BCT Life Sciences - Biotechnology
$17,099,192 Calyx Bio-Ventures Inc. CYX Life Sciences - Biotechnology
$12,515,226 Cotinga Pharmaceuticals Inc. COT Life Sciences - Biotechnology
$40,850,322 DiaMedica Therapeutics Inc. DMA Life Sciences - Biotechnology
$17,773,956 GeneNews Limited GEN Life Sciences - Biotechnology
$82,563,815 Helix BioPharma Corp. HBP Life Sciences - Biotechnology
$16,793,425 Hemostemix Inc. HEM Life Sciences - Biotechnology
$19,498,961 ImmunoPrecise Antibodies Ltd. IPA Life Sciences - Biotechnology
$26,456,567 Liberty Biopharma Inc. LTY Life Sciences - Biotechnology
$48,688,096 Medicenna Therapeutics Corp. MDNA Life Sciences - Biotechnology
$29,031,267 Microbix Biosystems Inc. MBX Life Sciences - Biotechnology
$20,447,640 Novoheart Holdings Inc. NVH Life Sciences - Biotechnology
$10,471,464 Pascal Biosciences Inc. PAS Life Sciences - Biotechnology
$17,544,371 Quest Pharmatech Inc. QPT Life Sciences - Biotechnology
$14,265,799 Relevium Technologies Inc. RLV Life Sciences - Biotechnology
$62,568,289 Sernova Corp. SVA Life Sciences - Biotechnology
$22,883,823 Sirona Biochem Corp. SBM Life Sciences - Biotechnology
$16,171,313 Sunshine Agri-Tech Inc. SAI Life Sciences - Biotechnology
$19,754,112 Delivra Corp. DVA Life Sciences - Health Care Technology
$11,595,977 Eyecarrot Innovations Corp. EYC Life Sciences - Health Care Technology
$78,966,767 Profound Medical Corp. PRN Life Sciences - Health Care Technology
$15,704,552 VentriPoint Diagnostics Ltd. VPT Life Sciences - Health Care Technology
$12,919,085 Vigil Health Solutions Inc. VGL Life Sciences - Health Care Technology
$22,098,637 BLVD Centers Corporation CXV Life Sciences - Healthcare Facilities and Equipment
$24,282,911 CVR Medical Corp. CVM Life Sciences - Healthcare Facilities and Equipment
$88,089,813 Hamilton Thorne Ltd. HTL Life Sciences - Healthcare Facilities and Equipment
$20,364,308 LED Medical Diagnostics Inc. LMD Life Sciences - Healthcare Facilities and Equipment
$44,691,442 Lexagene Holdings Inc. LXG Life Sciences - Healthcare Facilities and Equipment
$16,459,108 MedMira Inc. MIR Life Sciences - Healthcare Facilities and Equipment
$20,916,081 MedX Health Corp. MDX Life Sciences - Healthcare Facilities and Equipment
$66,686,786 Neovasc Inc. NVCN Life Sciences - Healthcare Facilities and Equipment
$77,797,133 Spectral Medical Inc. EDT Life Sciences - Healthcare Facilities and Equipment
$18,697,470 SQI Diagnostics Inc. SQD Life Sciences - Healthcare Facilities and Equipment
$27,825,936 Theralase Technologies Inc. TLT Life Sciences - Healthcare Facilities and Equipment
$92,499,492 Viemed Healthcare Inc. VMD Life Sciences - Healthcare Facilities and Equipment
$47,199,949 Zecotek Photonics Inc. ZMS Life Sciences - Healthcare Facilities and Equipment
$49,351,199 Canabo Medical Inc. CMM Life Sciences - Healthcare Facilities and Equipment,Cannabis
$40,205,102 Antibe Therapeutics Inc. ATE Life Sciences - Healthcare Services and Supplies
$48,209,911 Assure Holdings Corp. IOM Life Sciences - Healthcare Services and Supplies
$21,296,062 Ergoresearch Ltd. ERG Life Sciences - Healthcare Services and Supplies
$45,491,568 Patient Home Monitoring Corp. PHM Life Sciences - Healthcare Services and Supplies
$21,057,966 Pediapharm Inc. PDP Life Sciences - Healthcare Services and Supplies
$12,869,202 The Jenex Corporation JEN Life Sciences - Healthcare Services and Supplies
$98,104,172 Delta 9 Cannabis Inc. NINE Life Sciences - Medical Marijuana,Cannabis
$45,960,130 INDIVA Limited NDVA Life Sciences - Medical Marijuana,Cannabis
$42,266,554 Kalytera Therapeutics Inc. KALY Life Sciences - Medical Marijuana,Cannabis
$74,020,460 National Access Cannabis Corp. NAC Life Sciences - Medical Marijuana,Cannabis
$44,955,280 Viridium Pacific Group Ltd. VIR Life Sciences - Medical Marijuana,Cannabis
$34,028,650 Acasti Pharma Inc. ACST Life Sciences - Pharmaceuticals
$65,001,187 Acerus Pharmaceuticals Corporation ASP Life Sciences - Pharmaceuticals
$30,808,544 Arch Biopartners Inc. ARCH Life Sciences - Pharmaceuticals
$28,515,892 Avivagen Inc. VIV Life Sciences - Pharmaceuticals
$64,079,027 Cardiome Pharma Corp. COM Life Sciences - Pharmaceuticals
$49,105,458 Ceapro Inc. CZO Life Sciences - Pharmaceuticals
$45,128,953 Concordia International Corp. CXR Life Sciences - Pharmaceuticals
$11,330,233 Devonian Health Group Inc. GSD Life Sciences - Pharmaceuticals
$40,163,756 GLG Life Tech Corporation GLG Life Sciences - Pharmaceuticals
$67,432,171 IntelGenx Technologies Corp. IGX Life Sciences - Pharmaceuticals
$35,051,560 IntelliPharmaCeutics International Inc. IPCI Life Sciences - Pharmaceuticals
$19,710,056 NeutriSci International Inc. NU Life Sciences - Pharmaceuticals
$40,890,175 Nuvo Pharmaceuticals Inc. NRI Life Sciences - Pharmaceuticals
$14,838,141 Revive Therapeutics Ltd. RVV Life Sciences - Pharmaceuticals
$10,451,609 VANC Pharmaceuticals Inc. VANC Life Sciences - Pharmaceuticals
$97,091,123 Zomedica Pharmaceuticals Corp. ZOM Life Sciences - Pharmaceuticals
$26,510,070 Energold Drilling Corp. EGD Mining Services
$93,528,864 Geodrill Limited GEO Mining Services
$75,898,450 Orbit Garant Drilling Inc. OGD Mining Services
$58,758,000 Halmont Properties Corporation HMT Real Estate - Diversified
$54,486,483 European Commercial Real Estate Investment Trust ERE.UN Real Estate - Industrial/Office/Retail/Residential
$82,928,657 Firm Capital American Realty Partners Corp. FCA Real Estate - Industrial/Office/Retail/Residential
$84,406,707 Firm Capital Property Trust FCD.UN Real Estate - Industrial/Office/Retail/Residential
$47,119,349 Fronsac Real Estate Investment Trust GAZ.UN Real Estate - Industrial/Office/Retail/Residential
$10,276,243 Mongolia Growth Group Ltd. YAK Real Estate - Industrial/Office/Retail/Residential
$18,319,116 Starlight U.S. Multi-Family (No. 1) Value-Add Fund SUVA.A Real Estate - Industrial/Office/Retail/Residential
$20,173,795 King George Financial Corporation KGF Real Estate - Real Estate Development and Services
$41,513,241 Terra Firma Capital Corporation TII Real Estate - Real Estate Development and Services
$19,838,097 Becker Milk Company Ltd. (The) BEK.B Real Estate - Real Estate Operating Companies
$52,947,886 Canlan Ice Sports Corp. ICE Real Estate - Real Estate Operating Companies
$41,053,667 Imperial Equities Inc. IEI Real Estate - Real Estate Operating Companies
$15,700,660 Mountain China Resorts (Holding) Limited MCG Real Estate - Real Estate Operating Companies
$31,237,024 Urbanfund Corp. UFC Real Estate - Real Estate Operating Companies
$10,126,611 Element Lifestyle Retirement Inc. ELM Real Estate - Specialized
$11,470,333 Parkit Enterprise Inc. PKT Real Estate - Specialized
$61,945,486 AgJunction Inc. AJX Technology - Agriculture,Software
$82,018,219 Cryptoglobal Corp. CPTO Technology - Blockchain/Cryptocurrency
$73,483,090 HashChain Technology Inc. KASH Technology - Blockchain/Cryptocurrency
$59,036,502 LeoNovus Inc. LTV Technology - Blockchain/Cryptocurrency
$21,440,000 Neptune Dash Technologies Corp. DASH Technology - Blockchain/Cryptocurrency
$14,919,391 Advent-AWI Holdings Inc. AWI Technology - Communication Technology
$42,267,733 C-Com Satellite Systems Inc. CMI Technology - Communication Technology
$85,898,614 Edgewater Wireless Systems Inc. YFI Technology - Communication Technology
$38,448,780 FLYHT Aerospace Solutions Ltd. FLY Technology - Communication Technology
$30,707,742 GINSMS Inc. GOK Technology - Communication Technology
$23,691,808 Good Life Networks Inc. GOOD Technology - Communication Technology
$26,747,455 Intrinsyc Technologies Corporation ITC Technology - Communication Technology
$10,032,206 iSign Media Solutions Inc. ISD Technology - Communication Technology
$25,995,358 Redline Communications Group Inc. RDL Technology - Communication Technology
$42,338,518 Sangoma Technologies Corporation STC Technology - Communication Technology
$17,356,246 Snipp Interactive Inc. SPN Technology - Communication Technology
$69,784,559 NXT Energy Solutions Inc. SFD Technology - Energy Services,Hardware & Equipment
$10,380,947 Critical Control Energy Services Corp. CCZ Technology - Energy Services,IT Consulting & Services
$28,199,283 Avante Logixx Inc. XX Technology - Hardware & Equipment
$43,641,524 Datametrex AI Limited DM Technology - Hardware & Equipment
$50,145,913 D-Box Technologies Inc. DBO Technology - Hardware & Equipment
$26,567,986 Dynex Power Inc. DNX Technology - Hardware & Equipment
$24,877,097 Enablence Technologies Inc. ENA Technology - Hardware & Equipment
$86,396,326 Firan Technology Group Corporation FTG Technology - Hardware & Equipment
$10,310,200 Graphene 3D Lab Inc. GGG Technology - Hardware & Equipment
$22,011,971, inc. KSI Technology - Hardware & Equipment
$14,599,689 Kraken Robotics Inc. PNG Technology - Hardware & Equipment
$37,370,001 Lite Access Technologies Inc. LTE Technology - Hardware & Equipment
$78,655,199 NanoTech Security Corp. NTS Technology - Hardware & Equipment
$72,805,279 POET Technologies Inc. PTK Technology - Hardware & Equipment
$32,020,587 Siyata Mobile Inc. SIM Technology - Hardware & Equipment
$62,416,224 Spectra7 Microsystems Inc. SEV Technology - Hardware & Equipment
$19,219,442 Trackx Holdings Inc. TKX Technology - Hardware & Equipment
$24,739,661 Wi2Wi Corporation YTY Technology - Hardware & Equipment
$20,364,318 Ynvisible Interactive Inc. YNV Technology - Hardware & Equipment
$52,920,180 AcuityAds Holdings Inc. AT Technology - Internet Software & Services
$14,095,280 betterU Education Corp. BTRU Technology - Internet Software & Services
$17,907,080 Bluedrop Performance Learning Inc. BPLI Technology - Internet Software & Services
$32,608,875 Breaking Data Corp. BKD Technology - Internet Software & Services
$16,958,040 Destiny Media Technologies Inc. DSY Technology - Internet Software & Services
$29,231,168 Engagement Labs Inc. EL Technology - Internet Software & Services
$19,514,546 EQ Inc. EQ Technology - Internet Software & Services
$64,661,569 Espial Group Inc. ESP Technology - Internet Software & Services
$53,113,391 First Global Data Limited FGD Technology - Internet Software & Services
$15,176,414 Global Daily Fantasy Sports Inc. DFS Technology - Internet Software & Services
$15,040,199 Identillect Technologies Corp. ID Technology - Internet Software & Services
$16,557,463 Jackpot Digital Inc. JP Technology - Internet Software & Services
$46,008,077 Kuuhubb Inc. KUU Technology - Internet Software & Services
$98,300,700 Millennial Esports Corp. GAME Technology - Internet Software & Services
$20,467,525 Peeks Social Ltd. PEEK Technology - Internet Software & Services
$36,363,568 ProntoForms Corporation PFM Technology - Internet Software & Services
$30,572,838 Shoal Games Ltd. SGW Technology - Internet Software & Services
$36,065,743 Totally Hip Technologies Inc. THP Technology - Internet Software & Services
$21,757,290 Yangaroo Inc. YOO Technology - Internet Software & Services
$18,966,339 Diagnos Inc. ADK Technology - IT Consulting & Services
$17,539,519 Internet of Things Inc. ITT Technology - IT Consulting & Services
$80,692,061 Pivot Technology Solutions, Inc. PTG Technology - IT Consulting & Services
$29,272,597 Acceleware Ltd. AXE Technology - Software
$36,333,772 AnalytixInsight Inc. ALY Technology - Software
$10,580,818 AtmanCo Inc. ATW Technology - Software
$31,199,471 BeWhere Holdings Inc. BEW Technology - Software
$20,318,694 Clarocity Corporation CLY Technology - Software
$37,298,299 Cortex Business Solutions Inc. CBX Technology - Software
$32,941,836 CounterPath Corporation PATH Technology - Software
$10,164,537 Eight Solutions Inc. ES Technology - Software
$22,262,544 exactEarth Ltd. XCT Technology - Software
$23,300,455 Fanlogic Interactive Inc. FLGC Technology - Software
$14,806,138 Fintech Select Ltd. FTEC Technology - Software
$16,304,883 iLOOKABOUT Corp. ILA Technology - Software
$12,666,317 Intouch Insight Ltd. INX Technology - Software
$12,052,337 Memex Inc. OEE Technology - Software
$10,453,427 Moovly Media Inc. MVY Technology - Software
$16,371,799 Namsys Inc. CTZ Technology - Software
$70,667,476 NexJ Systems Inc. NXJ Technology - Software
$27,720,257 OneSoft Solutions Inc. OSS Technology - Software
$29,120,425 Posera Ltd. PAY Technology - Software
$33,673,404 Quorum Information Technologies Inc. QIS Technology - Software
$96,604,571 Reliq Health Technologies Inc. RHT Technology - Software
$38,628,756 Smart Employee Benefits Inc. SEB Technology - Software
$95,989,536 Symbility Solutions Inc. SY Technology - Software
$51,385,864 The Mint Corporation MIT Technology - Software
$18,784,342 Trakopolis IoT Corp. TRAK Technology - Software
$47,594,824 Venzee Technologies Inc. VENZ Technology - Software
$83,515,845 VersaPay Corporation VPY Technology - Software
$45,153,018 VIQ Solutions Inc. VQS Technology - Software
$37,864,645 ADF Group Inc. DRX Uncategorised
$13,372,524 Atlas Engineered Products Ltd. AEP Uncategorised
$15,183,203 Avcorp Industries Inc. AVP Uncategorised
$20,499,608 Boyuan Construction Group Inc. BOY Uncategorised
$86,717,805 Brampton Brick Limited BBL.A Uncategorised
$22,853,098 Caldwell Partners International Inc. (The) CWL Uncategorised
$29,000,000 Canaccord Genuity Acquisition Corp. CGAC.UN Uncategorised
$49,354,916 Canada Jetlines Ltd. JET Uncategorised
$25,549,928 Data Communications Management Corp. DCM Uncategorised
$30,934,597 DealNet Capital Corp. DLS Uncategorised
$59,125,588 Distinct Infrastructure Group Inc. DUG Uncategorised
$45,400,631 Empire Industries Ltd. EIL Uncategorised
$42,094,880 ENTREC Corporation ENT Uncategorised
$65,608,541 Gendis Inc. GDS Uncategorised
$17,283,120 Hammond Manufacturing Company Limited HMM.A Uncategorised
$82,888,854 Hammond Power Solutions Inc. HPS.A Uncategorised
$11,106,912 IBC Advanced Alloys Corp. IB Uncategorised
$29,634,210 INSCAPE Corporation INQ Uncategorised
$37,529,402 Kelso Technologies Inc. KLS Uncategorised
$29,304,328 Mission Ready Services Inc. MRS Uncategorised
$14,522,504 Omni-Lite Industries Canada Inc. OML Uncategorised
$26,126,423 RediShred Capital Corp. KUT Uncategorised
$22,539,720 Reko International Group Inc. REKO Uncategorised
$10,587,647 Security Devices International Inc. SDZ Uncategorised
$27,104,524 Strongco Corporation SQP Uncategorised
$20,373,884 Titanium Transportation Group Inc. TTR Uncategorised
$67,898,040 Tree Island Steel Ltd. TSL Uncategorised
$15,494,156 Western Investment Company of Canada Limited, The WI Uncategorised
$71,294,316 WesternOne Inc. WEQ Uncategorised
$42,467,723 Changfeng Energy Inc. CFY Utilities & Pipelines
$64,259,162 Macro Enterprises Inc. MCR Utilities & Pipelines - Energy Services

Nano Cap - Market Cap < $10 Million

Market Cap Name Ticker Sector
$7,386,608 Sigma Industries Inc. SSG Agriculture
$1,561,751 ATI Airtest Technologies Inc. AAT Clean Technology - Energy Efficiency
$0 Synodon Inc. SYD Clean Technology - Energy Efficiency
$2,671,575 California Nanotechnologies Corp. CNO Clean Technology - Low Impact Material and Products
$5,938,083 CHAR Technologies Ltd. YES Clean Technology - Low Impact Material and Products
$5,304,109 HTC Purenergy Inc. HTC Clean Technology - Low Impact Material and Products
$1,315,777 NatureBank Asset Management Inc. COO Clean Technology - Low Impact Material and Products
$5,382,050 Solarvest BioEnergy Inc. SVS Clean Technology - Low Impact Material and Products
$1,872,800 Targeted Microwave Solutions Inc. TMS Clean Technology - Low Impact Material and Products
$1,015,034 TekModo Industries Inc. TEK Clean Technology - Low Impact Material and Products
$6,253,075 Natcore Technology Inc. NXT Clean Technology - Renewable Energy Equipment Manufacturing and Tech
$4,518,907 Northern Power Systems Corp. NPS Clean Technology - Renewable Energy Equipment Manufacturing and Tech
$5,048,391 SustainCo Inc. SMS Clean Technology - Renewable Energy Equipment Manufacturing and Tech
$1,687,534 Alaska Hydro Corporation AKH Clean Technology - Renewable Energy Production and Distribution
$5,484,463 Naikun Wind Energy Group Inc. NKW Clean Technology - Renewable Energy Production and Distribution
$2,408,221 Reservoir Capital Corp. REO Clean Technology - Renewable Energy Production and Distribution
$6,261,046 Solar Alliance Energy Inc. SOLR Clean Technology - Renewable Energy Production and Distribution
$5,402,036 BluMetric Environmental Inc. BLM Clean Technology - Waste Reduction and Water Management
$6,577,667 BQE Water Inc. BQE Clean Technology - Waste Reduction and Water Management
$1,017,338 E.S.I. Environmental Sensors Inc. ESV Clean Technology - Waste Reduction and Water Management
$8,224,870 Ecolomondo Corporation ECM Clean Technology - Waste Reduction and Water Management
$1,590,772 Trius Investments Inc. TRU Clean Technology - Waste Reduction and Water Management
$3,393,315 Canadian Oil Recovery & Remediation Enterprises Ltd. CVR Clean Technology - Waste Reduction and Water Management,Energy Services
$3,114,484 New West Energy Services Inc. NWE Clean Technology - Waste Reduction and Water Management,Energy Services
$2,127,244 Adya Inc. ADYA Comm & Media
$5,703,775 BlueRush Media Group Corp. BTV Comm & Media
$828,311 FP Newspapers Inc. FP Comm & Media
$3,992,185 Alpha Peak Leisure Inc. AAP Consumer Discretionary
$4,262,848 China Education Resources Inc. CHN Consumer Discretionary
$517,289 Family Memorials Inc. FAM Consumer Discretionary
$5,919,915 Hit Technologies Inc. HIT Consumer Discretionary
$2,108,385 International Parkside Products Inc. IPD Consumer Discretionary
$5,842,934 Le Chateau Inc. CTU Consumer Discretionary
$5,507,025 Lingo Media Corporation LM Consumer Discretionary
$4,454,151 Mezzi Holdings Inc. MZI Consumer Discretionary
$9,075,811 Peekaboo Beans Inc. BEAN Consumer Discretionary
$3,878,596 Pool Safe Inc. POOL Consumer Discretionary
$2,405,566 Quizam Media Corporation QQ Consumer Discretionary
$2,926,014 SIQ Mountain Industries Inc. SIQ Consumer Discretionary
$1,473,945 Spectra Inc. SSA Consumer Discretionary
$3,907,246 Zoomaway Travel Inc. ZMA Consumer Discretionary
$2,438,425 Alta Natural Herbs & Supplements Ltd. AHS Consumer Staples
$3,163,401 Canyon Creek Food Company Ltd. CYF Consumer Staples
$0 DLC Holdings Corp. DLC Consumer Staples
$510,855 Ginger Beef Corporation GB Consumer Staples
$8,820,687 Global Gardens Group Inc. VGM Consumer Staples
$3,265,687 Gourmet Ocean Products Inc. GOP Consumer Staples
$7,057,071 Organic Garage Ltd. OG Consumer Staples
$3,123,548 Rocky Mountain Liquor Inc. RUM Consumer Staples
$4,688,288 Sweet Natural Trading Co. Limited NTRL Consumer Staples
$6,760,693 Sunora Foods Inc. SNF Consumer Staples,Agriculture
$3,366,580 WestBond Enterprises Corporation WBE Consumer Staples,Forest Products & Paper
$6,402,872 Augusta Industries Inc. AAO Energy Services
$9,894,712 ClearStream Energy Services Inc. CSM Energy Services
$4,123,240 Cordy Oilfield Services Inc. CKK Energy Services
$3,061,041 Dalmac Energy Inc. DAL Energy Services
$3,637,293 Divestco Inc. DVT Energy Services
$8,621,273 Eurocontrol Technics Group Inc. EUO Energy Services
$4,228,556 Gemini Corporation GKX Energy Services
$5,826,037 Hanwei Energy Services Corp. HE Energy Services
$779,297 Intercept Energy Services Inc. IES Energy Services
$2,813,722 ONEnergy Inc. OEG Energy Services
$8,124,658 Tornado Global Hydrovacs Ltd. TGH Energy Services
$5,119,068 49 North Resources Inc. FNR Financial Services
$1,191,955 Added Capital Inc. AAD Financial Services
$5,418,562 Cliffside Capital Ltd. CEP Financial Services
$408,250 Esstra Industries Inc. ESS Financial Services
$0 Exclamation Investments Corporation XI Financial Services
$4,926,541 Hampton Financial Corporation HFC Financial Services
$7,683,637 Inspira Financial Inc. LND Financial Services
$2,182,077 Jaguar Financial Corp. JFC Financial Services
$9,388,968 Lorne Park Capital Partners Inc. LPC Financial Services
$4,019,608 Manitex Capital Inc. MNX Financial Services
$8,143,273 Marret Resource Corp. MAR Financial Services
$8,095,455 Norvista Capital Corporation NVV Financial Services
$703,822 Q Investments Ltd. QI Financial Services
$2,165,374 Royalty North Partners Ltd. RNP Financial Services
$7,445,009 Spackman Equities Group Inc. SQG Financial Services
$6,205,943 TIMIA Capital Corp. TCA Financial Services
$5,696,948 Torrent Capital Ltd. TORR Financial Services
$1,930,066 Trenchant Capital Corp. TCC Financial Services
$1,500,435 Urban Select Capital Corporation CH Financial Services
$5,285,613 Waterfront Capital Corporation WFG Financial Services
$2,752,041 Western Pacific Trust Company WP Financial Services
$4,310,455 Zimtu Capital Corp. ZC Financial Services
$7,428,226 3D Signatures Inc. DXD Life Sciences - Biotechnology
$7,566,491 Essa Pharma Inc. EPI Life Sciences - Biotechnology
$6,669,876 IBEX Technologies Inc. IBT Life Sciences - Biotechnology
$3,378,309 iCo Therapeutics Inc. ICO Life Sciences - Biotechnology
$6,409,083 Kane Biotech Inc. KNE Life Sciences - Biotechnology
$6,434,809 Lattice Biologics Ltd. LBL Life Sciences - Biotechnology
$1,313,675 Med Biogene Inc. MBI Life Sciences - Biotechnology
$9,244,689 Replicel Life Sciences Inc. RP Life Sciences - Biotechnology
$5,443,200 Waverley Pharma Inc. WAVE Life Sciences - Biotechnology
$6,485,932 Agility Health, Inc. AHI Life Sciences - Healthcare Facilities and Equipment
$1,649,238 Annidis Corporation RHA Life Sciences - Healthcare Facilities and Equipment
$3,549,733 Aurora Spine Corporation ASG Life Sciences - Healthcare Facilities and Equipment
$384,728 Capital DGMC Inc. FGF Life Sciences - Healthcare Facilities and Equipment
$6,860,691 CardioComm Solutions Inc. EKG Life Sciences - Healthcare Facilities and Equipment
$2,648,595 Imaging Dynamics Company Ltd. IDL Life Sciences - Healthcare Facilities and Equipment
$7,399,350 Medifocus Inc. MFS Life Sciences - Healthcare Facilities and Equipment
$8,612,043 Nova Leap Health Corp. NLH Life Sciences - Healthcare Facilities and Equipment
$2,340,197 Verisante Technology Inc. VRS Life Sciences - Healthcare Facilities and Equipment
$5,229,640 Innovotech Inc. IOT Life Sciences - Healthcare Services and Supplies
$3,888,958 Pacgen Life Science Corporation PBS Life Sciences - Healthcare Services and Supplies
$406,118 Prospect Park Capital Corp. PPK Life Sciences - Healthcare Services and Supplies
$3,753,889 TearLab Corporation TLB Life Sciences - Healthcare Services and Supplies
$8,020,830 BlueOcean NutraSciences Inc. BOC Life Sciences - Pharmaceuticals
$8,962,052 Crescita Therapeutics Inc. CTX Life Sciences - Pharmaceuticals
$1,566,448 Eastwood Bio-Medical Canada Inc. EBM Life Sciences - Pharmaceuticals
$9,126,167 Vaxil Bio Ltd. VXL Life Sciences - Pharmaceuticals
$3,492,083 Vitality Products Inc. VPI Life Sciences - Pharmaceuticals
$1,408,023 Cabo Drilling Corp. CBE Mining Services
$3,012,356 CHC Student Housing Corp. CHC Real Estate - Industrial/Office/Retail/Residential
$2,870,959 Lanesborough Real Estate Investment Trust LRT.UN Real Estate - Industrial/Office/Retail/Residential
$2,691,017 Maplewood International Real Estate Investment Trust MWI.UN Real Estate - Industrial/Office/Retail/Residential
$3,143,023 R&R Real Estate Investment Trust RRR.UN Real Estate - Industrial/Office/Retail/Residential
$2,620,592 NewNorth Projects Ltd. NNP Real Estate - Real Estate Development and Services
$2,802,730 Regent Pacific Properties Inc. RPP Real Estate - Real Estate Development and Services
$1,651,843 Consolidated Firstfund Capital Corp. FFP Real Estate - Real Estate Operating Companies
$5,322,671 Gulf & Pacific Equities Corp. GUF Real Estate - Real Estate Operating Companies
$6,706,473 TitanStar Properties Inc. TSP Real Estate - Real Estate Operating Companies
$6,379,636 Allied Hotel Properties Inc. AHP Real Estate - Specialized
$977,890 Lakeview Hotel Investment Corp. LHR Real Estate - Specialized
$1,861,266 Ellipsiz Communications Ltd. ECT Technology - Communication Technology
$6,708,579 Novra Technologies Inc. NVI Technology - Communication Technology
$9,106,857 Gatekeeper Systems Inc. GSI Technology - Hardware & Equipment
$1,615,675 Jemtec Inc. JTC Technology - Hardware & Equipment
$2,216,802 Loopshare Ltd. LOOP Technology - Hardware & Equipment
$4,592,021 NovaTeqni Corporation NTQ Technology - Hardware & Equipment
$1,485,150 Tinkerine Studios Ltd. TTD Technology - Hardware & Equipment
$5,131,900 Valdor Technology International Inc. VTI Technology - Hardware & Equipment
$4,839,424 YDreams Global Interactive Technologies Inc. YD Technology - Hardware & Equipment
$7,926,177 Ackroo Inc. AKR Technology - Internet Software & Services
$3,535,225 Alphinat Inc. NPA Technology - Internet Software & Services
$2,527,514 Darelle Online Solutions Inc. DAR Technology - Internet Software & Services
$4,008,320 DataWind Inc. DW Technology - Internet Software & Services
$7,550,357 DeepMarkit Corp. MKT Technology - Internet Software & Services
$725,533 Inc. DXX Technology - Internet Software & Services
$2,850,757 Fireswirl Technologies Inc. FSW Technology - Internet Software & Services
$5,451,725 Frankly Inc. TLK Technology - Internet Software & Services
$7,252,284 H-Source Holdings Ltd. HSI Technology - Internet Software & Services
$9,988,944 Integrity Gaming Corp. IGAM Technology - Internet Software & Services
$595,150 Kona Bay Technologies Inc. KBY Technology - Internet Software & Services
$7,000,261 MediaValet Inc. MVP Technology - Internet Software & Services
$3,223,611 Mobio Technologies Inc. MBO Technology - Internet Software & Services
$4,557,257 Oculus VisionTech Inc. OVT Technology - Internet Software & Services
$2,166,036 Prodigy Ventures Corp. PGV Technology - Internet Software & Services
$5,458,791 Tangelo Games Corp. GEL Technology - Internet Software & Services
$6,962,330 Universal mCloud Corp. MCLD Technology - Internet Software & Services
$7,248,570 Urbanimmersive Inc. UI Technology - Internet Software & Services
$3,003,945 Armada Data Corporation ARD Technology - IT Consulting & Services
$1,632,678 IMEX Systems Inc. IMEX Technology - IT Consulting & Services
$9,181,922 Intermap Technologies Corporation IMP Technology - IT Consulting & Services
$3,642,177 NTG Clarity Networks Inc. NCI Technology - IT Consulting & Services
$3,327,190 01 Communique Laboratory Inc. ONE Technology - Software
$3,994,359 3TL Technologies Corp. TTM Technology - Software
$5,062,566 AirIQ Inc. IQ Technology - Software
$5,616,154 ARHT Media Inc. ART Technology - Software
$847,326 Contagious Gaming Inc. CNS Technology - Software
$1,228,347 eQube Gaming Limited EQG Technology - Software
$6,030,569 Intema Solutions Inc. ITM Technology - Software
$2,798,976 Ivrnet Inc. IVI Technology - Software
$6,985,470 Katipult Technology Corp. FUND Technology - Software
$6,581,960 Labrador Technologies Inc. LTX Technology - Software
$3,927,347 McorpCX, Inc. MCX Technology - Software
$7,507,591 Quantum Numbers Corp. QNC Technology - Software
$9,397,587 RenoWorks Software Inc. RW Technology - Software
$1,968,334 RewardStream Solutions Inc. REW Technology - Software
$6,276,218 Route1 Inc. ROI Technology - Software
$4,420,233 RSI International Systems Inc. RSY Technology - Software
$2,952,170 Syncordia Technologies and Healthcare Solutions, Corp. SYN Technology - Software
$7,739,154 Total Telcom Inc. TTZ Technology - Software
$6,134,618 Visionstate Corp. VIS Technology - Software
$9,120,213 Vitalhub Corp. VHI Technology - Software
$1,355,913 ZoomMed Inc. ZMD Technology - Software
$1,911,491 Appulse Corporation APL Uncategorised
$7,239,959 Cematrix Corporation CVX Uncategorised
$2,260,381 China Keli Electric Company Ltd. ZKL Uncategorised
$1,158,017 Chinook Tyee Industry Limited XCX Uncategorised
$8,282,482 Circa Enterprises Inc. CTO Uncategorised
$3,878,052 Crownia Holdings Ltd. CNH Uncategorised
$7,981,731 Cymat Technologies Ltd. CYM Uncategorised
$6,616,541 Fab-Form Industries Ltd. FBF Uncategorised
$9,131,894 FTI Foodtech International Inc. FTI Uncategorised
$4,599,269 Helijet International Inc. HJI Uncategorised
$969,132 Inventronics Limited IVX Uncategorised
$3,786,796 KDA Group Inc. KDA Uncategorised
$5,350,477 Minaean SP Construction Corp. MSP Uncategorised
$9,459,030 Noble Iron Inc. NIR Uncategorised
$2,632,844 Partner Jet Corp. PJT Uncategorised
$9,831,574 Pearl River Holdings Limited PRH Uncategorised
$6,812,227 Perlite Canada Inc. PCI Uncategorised
$1,538,138 Reco International Group Inc. RGI Uncategorised